Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Skateboard Review

No one feels pleased to buy a new type of technology while it seems something he/she would really like. The Yuneec has been a well-known brand for riding lovers searching for a cheap but good alternative to get into the skateboarding. Yuneec are a Chinese manufacturer, known for their range of drones but luckily come up with reliable updated Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard that will satisfy skateboarding fans. With its affordable riding range, it manages to create a real value for itself. The E-GO2 becomes an all-around stunning board to get started with its decent specs, wow factor and hobby.


What is Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard?

The creative minds have worked to designed unique propulsion system for aircraft and even UAV’s. With the same power board design, they bring that level of expertise to the street. This popular and successful brand has back with its all-new cruiser Yuneec E-GO2. It's incredible spin heads not only in demand for its innovative technology but also its classy design. New sexy kick tail shape guides you to more accurate steering and increases your stability.

As for riding lovers, this skateboard is perfect for any riders whether beginner or experience one. This amazing electric skateboard has coped up to create real value with its affordable riding range.

What can Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard make?

In boosted board phenomena, a new breed of the electric skateboard has jumped onto the bandwagon- the Yuneec E-GO2. This famously upgraded skateboard has suitable for any novice rider to expert one. With this e-skateboard, you can be sure to get where you want to go and reach there in style.

Luckily, Chinese engineers know better their E-Go cruiser e-skateboard. Like E-Go cruiser, this new E-Go 2 has many of the same features but the trucks have updated for smooth carving. The shape has comes with a kick tail design for better stability and performance.

The speed of this e-skateboard can be varied to match individual or terrain preference. Its maximum speed is 12.5mph that is known as a reliable performer. This is a fabulous option for getting around a suburban or city area with comparatively flat or smooth streets.

Riders need to thank Yuneec brand for electric motor and battery life. As they develop and design drone so they should understand the balance between batteries a motor life. Based on their knowledge they ensure that the skateboard spends more time in the street rather than at home waiting for charging the batteries.

However, in a way this electric skateboard change our way of travel. It has become the ideal one for relaxed riding.

Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard – Design and Specification

As a rider want to heighten your daily commute while being loyal to your skate roots, the Yuneec E-GO2 is the best choice for you. Though lack of speed makes their skateboard becomes dull and kill the thrill of many customers. While solid range, affordability, and excellent customer support make this board more worth considering. Let’s see the long-awaited Yuneec E-GO2 model,

Features of Yuneec E-GO2

Whenever you are picking up something, you should always need to know what you are purchasing. Here is some list of features that you are getting with this skateboard. This will give you a clear idea what to expect while using it.

  • New kick tail design helps to accurate steering and better control
  • Delivery a silent and smooth ride
  • Maximum speed up to 12.5mph
  • Provide 2 riding modes
  • Can covers up to 18 miles on a single charge
  • 10% incline ability
  • Quick recharge time only 4-5 hours
  • 3 color variation available
  • Positive breaking system

Technical Details and Specification

All the information of Yuneec E-GO2 has listed down in the table.

Characteristics of Yuneec E-GO2
Top Speed 12.5 MPH
Max Range 18 miles
Max Hill Incline 10%
Color Available 3
Riding Modes 2
Charge time 4-5 hours
Weight 13.9 pounds

As we know, this skateboard has an updated version of the previous Yuneec E-GO. In terms of top speed, charging time and range it appears they have not changed much but quality and design wise they did.

  • What We Love About the Yuneec E-GO2

As the modern technology brought significant variation upon us, Skateboard has one of them. With Yuneec E-GO2 salient specs and good price point, it attracts the riders’ attention easily. Let’s drive a little bit into its beauty,

  • New Deck – The Biggest change

The physical board has significantly changed most in the upgrade version. Yuneec E-GO transitioned from a longer board with length 42” to a Yuneec E-GO2 short cruiser board only 36” long and 9.5” wide. Though the change is bigger, the updated short cruiser board offers more lightness and great control.

The deck is still made of composite wood that delivers a nice amount of flex. In essence, the deck is light enough to support your weight and allows you to feel the board underneath. The new kick tail shape aimed better riding for those who like to use this in commute. A kicktail design allows different tricks and better steering control, which is a nice fresh change.

Yuneec E-GO2 electric skateboard offers a variety of color scheme. There are cool Mint (Green), Royal Wave (Blue) and Hot Pink (Pink). One thing bearing in mind that the grip tapes always remains the same. The custom color comes on the top of the board, wheels and the bottom of the board.

One feedback we find from the riders of the board was the grip tape felt heavy. Rather all riders feel it more secure than the old one.

  • The Remote Controls

Compare with the previous model, this element also mostly remained the same. You can control the speed by using Bluetooth with a slide knob of a remote control.

E-GO2 controller has a simple design with flashing LED lights. Four LED lights indicated the battery status full while one light indicates the battery life 25% left.

Though the recharge time is same, it takes same 3-5 hours to recharge the battery. With regenerative braking, it is very easy to maintain the battery.

  • Riding the Yuneec E-GO2

Even though the top speed and range remain same, the Yuneec E-GO2 likes entirely different board than the 1st generation. The short deck gives the essence of true craving than the old one. The deck is much like cruising longboard, which is the main difference between these two-generation boards.

  • E-GO2 has 2 main riding mode options:
  • Sport –12.5 mph
  • Economy 7.5 mph

This board has designed for all-purpose capable like craving, downhill and riding anywhere. E-GO2 has much more durable and compact resulting in improve commute and carving ability.

Pros and Cons of Yuneec E-GO2

What We Like

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great battery life
  • Well designed and intuitive
  • Impressive range
  • Built in USB charge port

What We Dislike

  • A little slow for riders who looking for more extreme
  • Compare to the other it like a basic controllers

The Bottom Line

The board has a lot of things going on that makes it worth and fun riding while purchase. The Yuneec E-GO2 electric skateboard has built with both usability and design in mind. The new urban color attached with the sleek way so that the battery and motor perfectly fit into the board. Moreover, it becomes a great choice for all the electric skateboards lovers. Overall, it has a little bit disappointing Yuneec did not focus increasing the performance of their latest board. With the affordable range, they maintain the same quality standard. However, the deck design clearly indicates the shift from all-purpose to one aimed at carving enthusiasts and commuters.

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