swag board ng-1 electric skateboard Review

Do you want to rock the street with the best piece of a skateboard? Then this digital SwagBoard NG-1 e-skateboard is ready to please you. The all-new NG-1 skateboard has arrived and becomes a new sensation to the younger riders. It propels you into a ride to the next generation skateboard. With its smooth riding, you will feel all kind of freedom and joy of this electric skateboard. Along with its stunning carved space design, it becomes one of the industry-leading products. Over and above, this electric skateboard is more than a toy or something you can use it for actual commutes and go anywhere.


What is the Swag Board NG-1 Electric Skateboard?

The beautifully crafted SwagBoard NG-1 is everything you loving a skateboard, re-imagined for the modern age. This futuristic masterpiece brings electric skateboarding to the next level. If you are interested in cruise the city or skate parks then undoubtedly this electric skateboard is ready to roll. SwagBoard NG-1 designed for providing high precision control, users comfort, and performance. Just a simple touch this lightweight e-skateboard takes you to a smooth ride.

This new sensation associated with maple wood deck, 24- volt Li-On Fe battery and a wireless LED remote. The NG-1 was not build to blow the competitions rather their nice space craved e-skateboard makes its own place in the market with its affordable price.

What can this Swag Board NG-1 make?

The SwagBoard NG-1 is perfect for kids, teenagers or a starter board for adults who want bare bones e-skateboard without spending their fortune. While it is a bit more complicated to operate than a regular skateboard, this SwagBoard NG-1 is still quite simple to use.

Let’s begin with its actual deck. This masterpiece is 32-inches long that make it short cruising electric skateboard. The deck has made from Canadian maple 7-layer wood; durable and long lasting polyurethane wheels & comes with solid grip tape. Deck has provided better control and comfort to the rider at the same time increases stabilization.

This power skateboard comes with a 24-volt Li-On Fe battery with ultra-Sentry Shield patented technology. This modern technology surpasses all current safety and provides extra security to the battery protection. Only 3 hours charging, this power pack is ready to go up to 10 miles on its maximum speed range of 11 MPH.

A small, decent wireless LED remote comes with it. This power switch used to control all the movements, reversing, accelerating, cruise control and battery status.

On top of that, this SwagBoard NG-1 holds the UL-certificated. It means this electric board has met all the safety requirements and furnished with Sentry Shield technology for better protection.

  SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Skateboard–Design and Specification

The SwagBoard takes electric skateboard a step ahead to the future ride. With its lightweight, easy to use and durable attributes makes this skateboard most attracting one to the rider. As the price of it is affordable but it does not hold up any hype for the riders. Let us have a look at it,

Features of Swag Board NG-1 Electric Skateboard

  • It crafted from 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck and solid grip tape
  • Heavy duty polyurethane coted wheels
  • Lightweight 24- volt Li-on Fe battery with indicator
  • Flexible and easy design to maneuver
  • Travel distance up to 10 miles on a single charge
  • Single hub motor
  • Max speed up to 11 mph
  • Cruise control option
  • Achieve UL 2272 certified
  • 2 cutout handles for convenient carrying

This powered skateboard riding quality achieves the tag of “Next Generation Electric Skateboard” from the riders. Now, look at its features,

Technical Details and Specifications

All the technical information you can see at a glance from the table below,

Characteristics of SwagBoard NG-1
Board length 32"
Max speed 11 MPH
Motorized Wheel 1 x (24v)
Wireless Remote Yes
Weight Capacity 176 lbs.
Product Weight 9.5 pound

Unique Features of Swagboard NG-1 NextGen E-Skateboard

This beautifully crafted, nice craved space design e-skateboard become overpowers the hoverboard. Some of the features of it give the riders future riding test. So, what are you waiting for! Have a look on them,

  • High-Quality Construction

Swagboard is one of the pretty cool board and you will have fun riding it. The deck is made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood and pre-applied grip tape. It provides enough flex and the grip tape is just superb. Though the deck is the short length and lower plywood, it offers super flex under your feet. With shock absorbing, heavy-duty wheels riders can experience a smooth riding. This durable made board can hold the riders weight up to 175 lbs. that is good enough.

  • Battery and Charging

The Li-on Fe battery of 24V comes with this amazing skateboard. It covers with Sentry Shield feature that gives multilayer protection and provides higher security to the battery on the current battery. A DC charger included with this skateboard to charge the battery. It has incorporated with a LED indicator when the battery was full it shows a green light. Nevertheless, one thigh there is no way to see the level of battery charge. Only LED indicator on remote shows blue light insufficient charging and blink when power is low. Just within 2-3 hours, it fully refills the charger.

  • Safety- Main Priority

Most important thing that makes proud of Swagboard are UL-certification. UL means Underwriter Laboratories, a third party non-profit organization that inspects, test and confirm that Swagboard meets all the safety needs. Like the other products of Swagboard, The Swagboard NG-1 is UL2272 certified and incorporate with the Sentry shield Battery Technology.

Pros and Cons of  Swagboard NG-1 Next Gen Electric Skateboard

What We Like

  • Great cruise control
  • Quite reliable and decent performance
  • Good max speed 11mph
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Cutout handles for easy carrying
  • Fun to ride

What We Dislike

  • Charger is bit slow
  • Brakes are quite sensitive

Summing up

In my opinion, the SWAGTRON Swagboard NG-1 is simply perfect for those riders who want to go point A to B nothing extreme of that. As a decent entry level board, kids, teens, and adults new to skateboarding probably love this product. In a way, it is a great short commute to college, school or work. Based on your weight, speed level and terrain the range will be changes. As it advertises 10 miles, it is likely to be a bit less than this. However, the speed of 11 mph it is not super-fast but still, it is faster than many hoverboards.

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