HAITRAL Motorized Electric Skateboard Review

In a time of searching your next motorized electric skateboard, various big brand names have confirmed to pop up. Along those highlighted brand names is some big price point come. In that, one name might not come in your Google result is HAITRAL Motorized Electric Skateboard. Why this happens, you might be thinking. Well, this is because the skate lovers’ community overlooks the little jewel. Though it is not a great performance electric skateboard, still this one has some stunning features to look. Its different innovative addition makes it differ from its own class. Moreover, this board would be a perfect choice for novice users to check out.


What is HAITRAL Motorized Electric Skateboard?

Ever since the HAITRAL Motorized Electric Skateboard came out, it has been redefining the transportation system, as we know now. To go anywhere and ignore the traffic than it is better than a car. Although, in a place is not appropriate to use, just pick it up and carry it. All this makes it perfect for those who staring out and still learning how to ride an electric skateboard.

The HAITRAL Motorized Electric Skateboard sure does look gorgeous and pretty. With 9-layer maple wood and bright orange PU wheels, it makes you satisfy at look at it. On a full charge, you can run over 100 minutes. Not only has that it offered some safety features that others do not have. Over and all, this quality perfectly suited entry-level riders.

What Can The HAITRAL Motorized Electric Skateboard Make?

The entire best qualities electric skateboard currently available today in them HAITRAL is one you can well end up with something. After the advent of this motorized e-skateboard, it becomes a viable means of transportation. Young riders who want to cruise the skate parks and rock the streets, this skateboard will match their taste.

With brushless hub motor, you can take a brisk more than 15 miles an hour. And in full charge phenomena, the battery has enough power to get you as far as 13 miles away. Most importantly, over 100 minutes riders can enjoy the riding in terms of fully charged battery. It generates enough torque to go uphill of 25-35 degree angle in a very smooth manner.

A Powerful and decent 36-volt battery allows you to go 13 miles distances on a single charge. Interestingly, without worries within 120 minutes, you can ready to jump on the streets. However, Battery can easily run its juice if you ride it at high speed. Therefore, it has suggested that to be with it in long run use it in a medium range.

Other important safety features added with it like beeping and automatically switch off etc. Overall, this HAITRAL electric skateboard makes its own position within its same class.

The HAITRAL Motorized Electric Skateboard- Design and Specifications

In today’s world, everyone loves surfing. This HAITRAL electric skateboard will take your experience to another level. It is a product that suitable for anyone mostly the teenagers or young riders. Above all, it was designed like longboard type to makes it more flexible to use. Then come and get the real experience with us,

Features of HAITRAL

With the finest and latest technology of HAITRAL, you will not miss anything. Here is a list of features that will help you to see what this product actually has,

  • Durable 37” long deck made from 9 layers maple wood
  • Powerful 150w brushless hub motor
  • Wireless remote control for smooth operation
  • For 102 min continues use indicator light will flash
  • Automatically power off in 10 minutes while users do not use it
  • Top speed 15.5 mph
  • Max mileage range 12.5 mile
  • Can travel 13 miles distance with 2 hours full charge
  • Charge time 120 minute
Technical Details and Specifications

Each and every details of information just listed below for better understanding.

HAITRAL Motorized E-Skateboard
Motor 150w
Deck Size 37”
Max Speed 15.5 mph
Max Travel Range 12.5 miles
Charge time 120 minute
Hill Climb Angle 25-35 degree
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Riders Weight Capacity 200 pounds
Product Weight 11.5 lbs.

What We Love About HAITRAL Motorized E-Skateboard?

HAITRAL is beautifully crafted electric longboard fitted with a classy design. As a heart-winning model this skateboard, become popular for its top performing ability. Now, take a closer look at its highlights,

  • Viable Deck

This electric longboard is similar to others based on their size and construction issue. At 37-inches long size deck is get equal standing with the other longboards class. It has comfortable deck width at 9-inch, gives riders plenty of room to around. Although, it offers 9-layers maple wood deck it has more sturdy and rigid than only 7-layers. This amazing HAITRAL deck has been covering with a skid-proof covering, much like sandpaper. An arrow sign printed in the foot point to give the right direction to travel.

  • The Battery Capacity

A hub motor of wheel-driven delivers 150-watts of power from rechargeable and detachable battery packs. The Lithium-ion batteries of 18650 have kept inside the battery packs. An about 120 minutes the battery gets fully charged and ready to go. Surprisingly, it automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of not being used and save the battery. After receiving the board one thing must do, charge the battery fully. Otherwise, the battery will damage soon and cannot serve you for a long period.

  • Safety Issue

An art of technology makes this board just like an icing on the cake. It offers some safety issue that the other boards do not offer. In terms of high speed, low or high voltage and low battery, it makes a beeping noise to make the riders alert.

Pros and Cons of HAITRAL Motorized E-Skateboard

What We Like

  • Good as a starter board for young people
  • Lightweight to handle
  • Excellent 15.5 mph speed for entry level users
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Great safety features

What We Dislike

  • Motor power is just 150w
  • Find difficulty to operate the remote control

Final Verdict

The HAITRAL Motorized Electric Skateboard is designed as a recreational mountain to take care all your riding urges and needs. It is a superior electric longboard for young or teen riders, whilst also being beginners’ friendly. With the high-level performance, it delivers a smooth riding. This excellent quality board comes with a wealth of innovative features. In medium range, you can handle it in any terrain and enjoy the rising breeze. Its durability and performance have made it one of the best boards on the current market with a basic care.

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