Do Skateboarders Consider Skateboarding A Sport? Why or Why Not?

It is a confusing question, is Skateboarding a sport. No one has given an official statement about skateboarding. Even the skateboarders do not meet at one point about the fact. There are different comments in this regard. According to the definition, a sport is a kind of skill or physical movement. The participants generally compete against one another maintaining a certain set of rules.


Is Skateboarding a sport?


It is also a form of physical exercise and recreation. It may be individual or teamwork. So, if we focus on these statements, we cannot consider skateboarding as a sport. In other words, skateboarding is a recreational, entertaining, creative, and personal or team play for some skating-lovers. Even, all the skateboarders do not give clear concepts whether it is a sport or not. Some say it is an enjoyable sport, some do not give any direct direction. There are both the reasons of its being or not being a sport.

The Reasons for not being a Sport

Skateboarding is not a sport according to the definition of sport. We tried to find out the reasons why we cannot call it a sport. We noticed the followings:


1. Scoring System:

We can notice that there is no system of scoring in skateboarding. Besides, no quantitative formula is there to count points. The X-Games, Street League, BATB etc. tried to define a scoring method. But, any single or more performances cannot prove a skill level. Also, there is no formula that can determine who is the finest. So, it cannot be a proper sport according to the regular sports pattern.

2. Time:

In skateboarding, no fixed time limit is there. In other sports, a particular time of minutes, hours, and days. For this reason, we cannot call it a sport.

3. No Fixed Nature:

Generally, sports are not cyclical in nature. They only follow the approved rules. Besides, there are records for beating or comparing. But, skateboarding forms are changing and improving continuously. Not a single sports changes to such an extent within a short period.

4. Rules:

Normally, the sports change through the increased number of rules. But, in the case of skateboarding, there is no fixed rule. Rather, the styles and forms are updating very quickly. It is not a feature of a sport.

5. Style:

The style is more important than a trick. In skateboarding, you can keep your image by only having a different style. No fixed forms or process can make you a recognizable skateboarder. Nate Jones is a very reputed skateboarder. But except for his skills or tricks, there might be more. The more variable you can perform, you will be applauded. So, the way you do skateboarding is the main fact. But, it does not happen in sports.

6. Destructive Nature:

Skateboarding has a destructive nature. Every now and then you can be harmed. You might be hurt seriously. Having big injuries is a common matter in skateboarding. Even, some skateboarders break their boards when they are mad. Traditional sports help in exercise. But, skateboarding always gives you a fear to get yourself injured. Every second on a skateboard has a risk of the cause of never skating again. But, the regular sports do not possess that much risk for the players.

7. Professionalism:

No professional recognition is guaranteed in skateboarding. There is no limit when you must quit skateboarding. You can do it as long as you can or will. In skateboarding, you will retire only if you decide. There is no professional time or age limit. So, that is also not a sports feature.

8. In or Out:

In professional sports, if the players fail to obey the fixed limits, he or she might be out of the team or sport. But, in skateboarding, there is no such fixed barrier. You can play or relax whenever you want. Here, the professional set of ethics doesn’t work.

9. Competition:

For a better interest and thirst, competition should exist in a sport. In skateboarding, competition nowhere. Only with some exceptions, you can see a little competition. As there is no competitive intention, skateboarding could not be more than a form of personal entertainment. For being a sport, it should have at least a tendency of surpassing one another.

10. Career:

Career is a major concern in any sport. You cannot make a solid position if you fail to establish a successful career in that sport. But in skateboarding, there no such thing named career. In skateboarding, it is no problem to be a one-time performer. You don’t need to worry about making a career. You can join or retire anytime. And, nothing change will take place in your regular life.

11. No Authority:

There is not a single authority for skateboarding. It is for anyone at any time. It thoroughly depends on the performer himself. Even, no one can point your faults or errors. No community can make you perform or take you out of skateboarding. It is not the characteristic of a sport.

12. Just Fun:

Skateboarding was taken for fun and entertainment only. It has not been a serious medium of professional challenge. People only do skateboarding for their own fun and time-pass. It is not a professional spot yet. And, a fun cannot be a sport.

13. No Matches:

In every game and sport, there are matches and competitions with a measuring bar. But, skateboarding has no particular match or series of games. There is no measurement of finding the best one. Every second, someone is doing skateboarding and setting new bars and styles. There is no held match or fixed protocol to find the best of it.

14. No Uniform:

There is no uniform for skateboarding. No fixed type of dress is worn while doing skateboarding. So, you can wear whatever you want. That means any comfortable dress is allowed to perform this fun. It is good but no sport has this opportunity. In a sport, a uniform is a discipline and formal code. This fails in case of skateboarding.

15. No Play:

We play every sort of sport or game. Actually, a sport allows to enjoy it while playing. But, we do not actually play skateboarding, we perform this as a fun and creative performance. So, skateboarding is not a game to play. It is a performance.

Other Notions about Skateboarding


There is no clear answer to the question, is Skateboarding a sport? Skateboarding is not generally considered as a sport according to the definition or its process. But, some people take it as a sport. Even, street shows are arranged as competition. There are no rules but the participants try to excel one another in skateboarding.

They try to show various skills standing on the skateboard. Even, some stages are also kept or designed for the skaters. They perform there using all the parts of the designed stage. The man who does the best in the normal sight is selected as the best. The authority also distributes prizes. In that sense, we can call skateboarding a sport. This form is not applicable everywhere or every competition. Besides, this form of entertainment has no international recognition too. So, it is not performed in every competition.

We do not regard skateboarding as an art or game by definition. Because there are so many forms of entertainments that are similar but are not allowed internationally. We know that skateboarding is a free-will act. There is no barrier in its path. But, without any fixed rules or scoring system, it cannot be taken as a sport worldwide.

As Zach Reid said, “I wouldn’t even call it a sport, it’s a lifestyle, it has its own community and culture.” The owner of the Riot skateboard company, Andrew Brown asserted that skateboarding does not necessarily bear the culture of the mainstream sports. His words are: “When you get to know anyone who’s in the sport, it’s always about the love of the sport and the people they’re with.”

A Good News about Skateboarding

When you ask is Skateboarding a sport it is obviously a good news for you. Being a neglected entertainment, skateboarding has not spread too much. But the Olympic authority has announced a possibility of brighter future of skateboarding. In their meeting, they have discussed this small form of an act for its popularity in some countries. So, they are thinking of launching skateboarding as a new game in the 2020 Olympics. But, we cannot say anything confirmed about it now. The authority is still thinking about this. And, this will be a sport all over the world. For this, new rules, stage formats or uniforms might be added. If skateboarding is added, it will be a leap for the skateboarders.

Skateboarding is really a fun except for the harmful risks while performing. For being a professional skateboarder, one must practice a lot. In addition, he has to be very much conscious of his balance on the board and speed. We can presume that Skateboarding would surely be a popular sport worldwide if it is taken internationally by the Skateboarders. Finally, I firmly believe that it is clear that Skateboarding a sport or not.

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