Boosted Electric Skateboard Dual 2000W Review

Are you an enthusiastic rider and do want to feel the gentle breeze in your hair? Then what are you waiting for, this Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard will make you satisfied. Durable, stable and super fun to ride makes it a wonderful skateboard of Boosted. With the top speed of 22 mph, you can get the pleasure on the most powerful electric skateboard. This 2nd generation Dual+ has made for those riding lovers who want to feel the street beneath their feet and achieve it. If you want to go and see more and conquer the thrill, with this electric skateboard everything is possible.


What is Boosted Dual 2000W Electric-skateboard?

Boosted electric skateboard Dual+ is an advance and trendy world of technology. All around the boards, it was just unseated by the handful of points as the overall top performer. This model is perfect for those riders who love speed. All over the world, you can show off your skills and experience the superb riding.

Impressively, this board has awesome brakes, heavy power pack battery that allows skateboards to go uphill and arrive over at 22 mph. with the latest brake mechanism, they will easily slow or stop the boards. Over an all, it is one of the fastest e-skateboard now in the market.

What can 2nd generation Dual+ make?

A heart winning boosted board design becomes a masterpiece because of its developed transporting system for urban areas. From novice to experts everyone can take a ride with this incredible electric board. With this amazing electric skateboard, you just literary forget infinitely circling the block for a parking space which becomes a past thing.

Surprisingly power is such thing that Dual+ thrives in. The power makes this model enough powerful for you to win the tough terrain with confidence. With the 2000w motors, you can easily steep hills like a piece of cake. The uphill 25% incline is simply great than any other top 5 e-skateboard available on the market.

The coolest thing about this model is the batteries that are top-notch. While others need 3 to 5 hours to recharge, the Boosted Dual+ need only 1 hour and you become ready to rock the street.

You can choose your range between journey friendly standard packs. In Eco mode, the maximum range is 7 miles while in expert mode you have to decreases it about 6 miles. For a longer commuter, you can select riding mode depends on your ride. Though the range is average, the advance regenerative braking will help to manage some battery life.

The updated Dual+ offers had better water resistance housing. So you can ride the board without worries. This new housing has designed to reduce the damage in the wet riding conditions.

Over and all, the Boosted electric skateboards are well known for their longer lifespan and excellent quality. Therefore, one thing you can assure that your money is well spent.

Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard– Design and Specifications

Do you want to take a break from cruising than this model Dual+ is not disappointing you at all. This fantastic board will permanently change the way of traveling on the roads. Minimizing the downtime on the street and durability, this model is perfectly designed for daily riding on the urban terrains. Let’s have a look what this model actually stacks up,

Features of Boosted Dual+

This Boosted board Dual+ is one of the top performing models. It gets an Editor’s choice award for its incredible braking ability and benefits of traveling system. In Essence, it becomes a solid choice in terms of quality. So, go and check its key features,

  • Longboard deck is made of fiberglass and flexible bamboo
  • Grip tape is heavy duty performing
  • Water resistance capability
  • Caliber truck width 10”
  • Twin brushless Dc motor delivers 2000-watt power.
  • Lithium iron phosphate 99W-Hour Battery
  • Uphill incline 25 percent
  • Quick charge time within 1 hour
  • Increase battery life
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Smooth regenerative braking
  • Larger Orangatang wheels
Technical Details and Specifications

All the information of Dual+ electric skateboard you can easily check it out from the table below.

Characteristic of Boosted 2nd Generation Dual 2000W Electric Skateboard
Deck Length 38”
Deck Material 100% Bamboo
Truck Width 10”
Wheel Size 80mm
Top Speed 22mph
Motor 2000w
Battery Range 7 miles
Hill climb 25%
Charge Time 1 hour
Weight 15lbs.
Max Rider Weight 250+
Regenerative braking Yes

What We Love About Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboard

Boosted Dual+ board is very well known for maintaining high-quality standard material. You can use this ride for both travel r recreation purpose. Every component they select to withstand extreme usage. The board is just simply stunning; the detail attention will blow your mind.

  • Appearance and Updated Materials

The Boosted Boards are made from Loaded Vanguard deck but everything has been tweaked on the underneath. With bamboo and fiberglass materials deck, this board provides smoothest ride. The 38” length board delivers a great feeling while it hitting the right places and curves. Though the length is lower than longboard that is the reason it offers more maneuverability.

The Orangatang wheels are slightly larger 80mm that offers a comfortable ride and excellent traction. The updated trucks give a custom design of Boosted Board to enhance curving. A truck below deck width is 10”, which is the optimal size for fast and smooth riding. In the meantime, motor and transmission have been changed to better run cooler and motor torque. They said that transmission is now easier to maintain it because they reduce some weight.

  • The Battery

The cool thing about the Boosted Board Dual+ is the battery. This fantastic 2000w skateboard battery can last for 2000 cycles, which means it has built to last. According to your cycles perspective, you had over 5 years of daily charging. Interestingly, others need a long time like 3-5 hours to recharge when its need only 1 hour and you are ready to hit the street.

While the latest 199-watt-hour battery is heavy than 99-watt-hour battery and it does not come with airline certified.

Battery Specifications
Board Range Standard Range Extended Range
Watt hour 99wh 199wh
Travel distance 6-7 miles 12-14 miles
Airline Certified Yes No

As the Swap able battery feature is really a great one but for this skateboard 12-14 miles max range is not quite enough.

  • The Remote control

As almost all the electric skateboard comes with a controller likewise, this Dual+ 2000w skateboard incorporates with a remote controller that connects via Bluetooth. For acceleration or deceleration, just simply slide a thumbwheel up and down. The LED lights on the remote control will indicate how much range you left in your skateboard.

The charger is compact and small mostly like a laptop charger. So, lightweight you can easily carry in your backpack. Within 30 minutes, a battery can able to charge up to 85%. Riders are quite happy with this controller. It seems very intuitive and nicely fit into your hands.

Pros and Cons of Boosted 2nd generation Dual+

What We Like

  • Great flexible bamboo deck
  • Nice design and fun to ride
  • Lightweight can carry in your back pack
  • Quick charge time

What We Dislike

  • Range is quite mediocre
  • Some users had issue with battery short-circuiting though they fixed that.

Final Verdict

This Boosted Dual+ electric skateboard makes riders ready to blast the ride. While the model provides 2000w power, so you need not worry about the streets as well as obstacles. The brilliant truck width 10” and fine tape will reduce the impact of the holes & bumps, which you will not get most of the boards. Although increased range with new batteries is simply awesome, so without struggle riders can reach 6-7 miles. Due to its acceleration level and a top speed in expert mode, some riders might find this electric skateboard overwhelming. Rather all if you want to quality material with affordable cool features then this will be the best choice for you.

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