Best Electric Skateboard Reviews | Including a Buying Guide 2019

Skateboarding is very popular for many time and after arriving the best electric skateboard, it reaches the top of the frame. Since its innovation skateboarding has just gone from one technology to another. The manufacturer always tries to offers new and advanced level of longboard to its users.


On its recent addition, electric skateboards are different from it many criteria. First of all, it's speed. The best electric skateboard can offer extra mileage and speed without any human force that a normal board cannot. Second of all, it gives control of brake, acceleration, deceleration etc. in your hand. On a manual board, you need to control all of them using legs and force. And finally, connectivity to other riders, community. Like you know, skateboarding is quite popular and youngsters perform tricks, game on it, like, X-games, acceleration, downhill racing or even skateboard dancing. Some of them suppers, fun and exciting some of them are super scary. But riders are crazy for all of these.

Best electric skateboard reviews- Who is the product for

Skateboards are a fun option for children to youngsters. Many adults also craving to enjoy the adventure of skating. That’s is why we often busy our sidewalks, ground, park or even in main roads crowded with all those crazy skaters. It’s actual passion more than fun. Some people take it so extreme level and perform a high level of stuns with it. However, these popular sports have got new addition electric skate boards. These boards are like dream come true for many skaters. It offers fast speed, high performance and easy users control that normal skateboard may not offer. However, the best and fester electric skateboard is for those who are

  • Looking for anything that offers highest speed and mileages along with the balance.
  • Fond of speed, advancer and never afraid of falling.
  • Need anything for commutation for short distance from home to school or park.
  • Looking for something easy to control skateboard.
  • Or a professional skater who compete on scat racing hill climbing or Parkour.

So, if you are one of them then congratulations! You are just one step back from having the amazing experience of best electric skateboard riding. All you need now to select one as your requirements. We have prepared a buying guide also to assist you with how to shop an eboard. But before you need some ideas of electric skateboards with real examples.

Best Electric Skateboard Reviews

Here given 8 best electric skateboard reviews including their good side and bad. So, you can have a clear vision of them and choose carefully a good quality board. Have a look below.

1. ACTON BLINK Lite, BLINK S Electric Skateboard

Our first best electric skateboard is for Acton Blink Lite, this one of the fastest electric skateboards to highlight your days. It’s a well-performing electric skateboard for beginners but professionals also find it quite well. It’s fairly reasonable, durable and lightweight skateboard that’s anyone love to have.

Hub Motor

This board uses a powerful single hub motor to run. It’s very powerful reliable, streamlined and easy to maintain. It stays for a long time and won’t give trouble easily. When you ride on the hills it slows down a bit so it’s often good to kick than use the motor. This board act as a normal longboard when the battery is out or you switched off the motor except the reduced tension in the wheel.

Regenerative braking

This special electric skateboard also offers ergative breaking after quite a test and action. With this, the wheels and battery can create and store energy while you brake. So, the range is increased and power consumption decrease. It provides a great control to its users all the time, especially in the emergencies. It can make the board response quick but effectively.

Smart features

The comes with some smart features to its riders like LED lights, action app etc. the LED lights allow you to ride in low light or at the night. It looks really cool when the light is on and the board is running. However, the smart app allows you to connect with Acton community with your phone. It will store your distances speed etc. or offers some changes to compete with other. Even you can the speed mode to have an immersive experience with it.

What We Like

  • Dramatically changes break without giving a fuss.
  • Its LED light makes night riding more fun and looks cool too.
  • The charger is also lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Takes only 2 hours to charge.
  • Very lightweight and easy to travel with.

What We Dislike

  • The wind affects the power behind the skate board.
  • Batteries die quickly.

2. SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard

This best electronic skateboard is for them who wants something combine quality and affordability with decent speed. The SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard is one of the best eboard of the digital age. It’s made for precision control, comfort, and performance. It gives you full user control for smooth riding. Just by one kick, the throttle is ready to swag.

Compact design

This eboard generously sized 9x32x4.5-inch and made with solid but flexible Canadian maple. It also covered with grip tape which provides and stable foundation. Its polyurethane wheels give an incredibly smooth and balanced ride that’s you may not find even other high priced eboards. Also, it's lightweight and easy to carry. So once you reached your destination, the weight and built-in grips make easier to carry around.

Wireless remote control

This cheap electric board has a compatible remote control which accelerates, decelerate or engage the cruise control features. It’s good to maintain speed without doing anything with motor board throttle. The screen of the remote control shows your current speed and battery level so you can stop and check the power level when need. Another good thing about the feature is the remote is rechargeable, that means you don’t need to change batteries, again and again, to keep it on.

Warranty offers

This convenient eboard also comes with warranty service that covers any kind of manufacturer defects that’s your newly arrived skateboard has come with. You will get this offers for only a year after purchasing the eboard.

What We Like

  • The board allows riders to have more traction.
  • Shock absorbing, durable polyurethane wheels.
  • The remote control is good for controlling speed, braking, and cruise control.
  • Very affordable price.
  • The shape and color combination looks cool too.

What We Dislike

  • The battery runs barely four miles.
  • The battery doesn’t want to charge fully.

3. Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

Yuneec is one of the best electric skateboard brand for all type of skateboards. It specially doing well on electrical skateboards as well. The Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard is fun, medium-fast electric skateboard which is good for casual riding. Infect it's quite fast and good for stable riding. Its design and construction are pretty impressive. It goes well with beginners but professionals also can use this as communicators. It comes with affordable price compare than its amazing quality. It could be a great scooter for your kids to learn about skating.

Better steering control

This electric long board offers more steering control. When you are full speed it gives you stable steering management so you are trying to break it don’t make your fall. The reason behind of this balanced performance is its kick tail shape and positive braking system that ensures more power to control the board.

Dual riding modes

This best electric skateboard comes with dual riding which allows you to ride more speed or less speed in a different location. Moreover, its wooden surface offers a flexible yet steady ride to make your skating more enjoyable. You can be comfortable on two modes while it’s on. Its first riding mode offers normal in speed eco mode and next one- fast gives maximum speed. While shifting the modes turn off then back on. After that press the desired mode. If you directly shift one mode to another its takes time even slow down a little bit, then start functioning.

Flexible using

This cheap electric skateboard is great for using every day especially if you are going to use it for communicating. It’s easy to carry and offers great battery power for motors and a wireless remote control. The Yuneec E-GO2 takes around three hours to charge fully and stays for a long time. You can use it after the rain when the road is slightly weight. It has a waterproof layer on the board which will save it from getting wet. But don’t use it on rain, it could be dangerous and also damage the wheels and metal parts of your board. Because sloppy road may occur unexpected accidents.

What We Like

  • Great color and design structure.
  • Provides more control and better steering.
  • Random speed control more than 12.5 mph.
  • Two different riding modes to operate.
  • The remote provides more that’s 18-mile range.

What We Dislike

  • Not so durable.
  • No illuminating system.

4. MAXFIND Board Dual Motor Wheels Electric Skateboard

If you want something speed, fun and reliable as a beginner than the MAXFIND Board Dual Motor Wheels Electric Skateboard a great option to consider. It comes with a reasonable price as normally a top quality eboard comes with and very safe you use. The average speed of the long board is about 12 miles per hour. It’s a good build board that is suitable to use in almost any type of roads of trails. This board is also weather proof. So you can use it anywhere in any conditions as long as you want.

Ride on a single charge

This eboard is well known for its single charge ride. That means it makes a long distance (10 km) just on the single charger for one hour in full speed. The board has powerful lithium-ion batteries that’s won’t wear out after just a few mins of the ride. You can go 17 mph speed on this one single charge. However, the battery is very durable and also reliable to use. It lessens the charging or maintaining fuss and let you enjoy riding in any place where you have the option to charge it just for one hour.

Easy to use

This best electric skateboard is not easy to use it’s also easy to learn. Also, its remote control is perfect to manage your speed, break and on/off option with smoothness. The remote control is well performative Bluetooth which keeps a connection with the board. Moreover, the board has two functions of speed mode- high and low. You can switch on any modes during the ride. The high modes are extremely fast on busy roads so be careful about it. Anyone with average weight can enjoy the high speed on flat roads. However, it may not perform well if the rider is overweight or riding on uneven tracks.

Easy to go with everywhere

This best electric skateboard weighs 12 lbs. that’s is why it’s easy to carry and travel with. You can carry it around at school, work or home. Not only the weight; the main reason behind using it in a different place is its dual powerful motors and IP65 waterproof level. It’s good to freely cruise any place long or short distance. Moreover, it can climb hills about 25-degree angles even on the wet ground.

What We Like

  • Comes with a dual motor that provides faster performance.
  • Rides smooth and turns easily.
  • Includes water resistant coating.
  • Fast learning curve.
  • Suitable to ride as normal long boards.
  • Charge fast and stays for a long time.

What We Dislike

  • The remote intermittently loses connection with the board.
  • The speed becomes slow when it went to uphill.

5. Haitral Motorized Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for something affordable but well performative than the Haitral Motorized Electric Skateboard is good to have. This chinses best electric skateboard is not good for professionals only; beginners can also use this comfortably. It’s made of 9 layered male wood and weighs only 11 lbs. it’s good with speed control, brake, acceleration and all can be controlled by its wireless remote control. Haitral makes this amazing skateboard more simple rather than complicated things like other high profiles electric skateboard.

Two operation mode

You have two operation mode with the skateboard and both of them are useful. These are normal and speed mode. When you turn on the skateboard it by default starts with normal mode. It gives you decent speed which mostly appropriate for beginners or anyone need ride for commutating. If you are want to enjoy speed or need more power for race or play turn on the speed mode. This long board can reach up to 25 km per hour.

Speed range

The best electric skateboard offers maximum 7 miles or 25 km/h speed and up to 12.5 miles or 20 km mileage. The offering sped and mileages are pretty decent that you can ask for but with some conditions. Actually, all the speed and mileage are affected by users’ body weight, road condition, and riding skills. Also, the wind, weather etc. matters as well. The maximum limit of the best electric skateboard is 200 lbs or 90 kgs. So, if the weight limit stays on the line and you can make up other conditions you can easily reach up top speed when you want to try. But as the battery charge decrease speed lows gradually.

Indicator light

This electric board also has bonus addition- the indicator light. This a great feature for any electric skateboard. This light will flash when the motor is on, or the long board is going to turn left/right, or about to brakes. The lights will flash continuously 120 min when you are riding it. If you take a break or leave the board form some moment it will automatically turn off. That’s how it will save the energy from waste.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Ergonomic wireless handheld remote control..
  • Indicator light with flash.
  • Fast learning curve.
  • The electric stake board automatically turned off if the user doesn't use it more than 10 min.
  • High speed and performance.

What We Dislike

  • Less durable.
  • Battery performance is bit low.

6. LiftBoard Single Motor Belt Driven Electric Skateboard

Here is another great eboard with very affordable price. The LiftBoard Single Motor Belt Driven Electric Skateboard stays on track for an extended period with its single motor and can cover the 16-mile range. It comes with a wireless remote which good for handling speed, break, on/off etc. it says the board can incline more than 15 degrees in its 16 mph speed which depends on mostly riders weight, terrain conditions. But we find its bit slower than others on angles. It inclines up to 8 degrees with a man with average weight. However, the long board also come with 3 months of warranty. It covers any defects or malfunction of the board.

Powerful performance

This best electric skateboard offers powerful performance compare than any other top but cheap electric skateboards. It offers 16 mph top speed with 18 miles range. To maintain all these rages, it comes with 900-watt belt driven motor which actives for many times in single charge. It's better on riding on flat tracks or road and perform pretty well on uneven tracks. But we can say the smooth on bumpy roads. It has 5 bearing that offers fast and smooth skating both in normal or high speeds. Charging option

The charging option of the eboard is fast and easy. It takes about four to two hours to charge fully. The electrical skateboard charge through “laptop brick” using an Ac outlet. That’s why LiftBoard Single is a maneuver to charge with your smart device like a phone, tablet etc. The instruction manual of the product says the board should be charged fully before you are going use it for the first time. However, this eboard will save your money and hassles of buying extra batteries again and again on the wireless remote controller. It includes a lithium-ion battery which is easily rechargeable. The remote controller has to charge option. It uses a USB connection and takes two hours for complete charging.

Easy to carry

This best electric skateboard has carrying handles for easy transportation or free-hand carry. Most of the time skateboards have lack of carrying case or handle which gives trouble to carry during travel. Skateboards are fairly lightweight and skaters have the practice to carry its usual way. But the LiftBoard electric longboard is different in its own way. It has the carrying option with the board. That’s makes it a great recreational item for everyone. The board is only 14.8 lbs which is lighter that is lighter than your bags. However, if you find it cumbersome the normal carrying is still open.

What We Like

  • Powerful motors which speed up more than 16 mph.
  • Wireless remote control for easy start and stop.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides more than 16 miles range.
  • High-quality polyurethane wheels enable high speed.
  • Affordable price.

What We Dislike

  • The long board is struggling going up.
  • Not flexible on uneven roads.

7. Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard

Here is one of the most reliable and well performative eboard that anyone can imagine or ask for. The Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard is a well build skateboard and very promising. It has a great user control, speed riding ability, high speed and high battery life. It allows a professional skater to perform on road and trails with a style. However, this professional grade electric skater does almost everything even makes you pay a good amount of money because of its sky-high price.

Options for range

The best electric skateboard offers you a travel-friendly battery that has options to choose ranges. You can keep it standard battery level- 6 miles or range or just extended battery level- 12 miles. The standard level is for sports, lap or other play or rides. But if it’s for longer communicating than the extended level is good for epic rides.

Perfect control

With other features, this eboard also offers great user control too. Like, fast acceleration for quick braking, Bluetooth enabled remote control etc. you can use your phone to know battery level, connect with Community as well. There is an incredible community of Boosted that offers support for any problem, share thoughts or even problem with another member of this community.

Built to last

This best electric skateboard is made to withstand all the demand of regular riding. It's suitable to use in rough to smooth and urban terrain and suitable to use for any type of users. It’s designed with vehicle-grade durability to minimize downtime to keep you on the track.

What We Like

  • The materials are good in quality including the construction.
  • High energy density.
  • Very flexible to use.
  • Offers shock absorbing system.
  • Looks cool and different from others.

What We Dislike

  • Very expensive product.
  • Makes loud hissing while riding.

8. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

if you are looking for a well-balanced electric skateboard then SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard is a right option to choose. From beginner to professional every skater will love this one. It's stylish comes with lots of advanced features and manufacturer commitment. If you received any faulty production you can ask for a replacement with asking any question from the seller. Also, the company offers all the repairing parts if you need to change or repair anything.

Stylish and ergonomic design

This best electric skate board very smart and ergonomics in both look and usage. It’s made of 9-layer maple wood (53 mm diameter) with high quality and PU wheel (85A hardness). It's able to run max 40 km/h speed with 25 to 30-degree angle. It's waterproof suitable to run in -15 to 40-degree C. also it can bear max 130 at a time.

High capacity battery

For giving its power and best performance this skate board also comes with 6600 mAh battery. This 36V lithium battery is formed LG brand very durable. The battery is capable to provide power in maximum miles range.

Wireless controller

This skate board also has wireless remote control with a lithium battery. This 400 mah capacity report can adjust skate board’s speed, direction, and break. This remote take 2 hour to charge fully and stay 2-4 hrs continuously.

What We Like

  • Great acceleration.
  • No connectivity issue with the remote.
  • Good braking system.
  • High power motor with the max climbing angle.
  • Good quality wireless remote control to accelerate, break and change directions.

What We Dislike

  • Expensive product.
  • Won’t reach 18 miles range, max reaches 10 miles.

Buying Guide

At first determine your cases of having a skateboard or a marble electric skateboard, is it for fun, communicating, weekend leisure sports or above all. Do you want it only for enjoying the comfort and usual speed without worrying about mileage? Question yourself and be clear about your demands before choosing a quality skateboard.

  • 2 Motor OR 1 Motor- Recent motor technology now offering tow motor power in single skateboards and they offer great speed, smooth free roll and many other things. The single motorized skateboard is also great for professional use. They offer sturdy and safe performance in reasonable cost. However, present eboards includes specially designed sensor brushless motors which offer more grip and performance. But all these things depend on how a motor designed and how much compatible it with other things.
  • Weight- every skate board has particular weight range to bear. So, don’t overlook the option just being excited with other features.
  • Performance- It’s important to consider things like materials of an eboards, wheels, break etc. the construction of the overall board also matters. A good build board will last long even its cost you bit more. Also, for eboards motor and electrical function is a crucial factor. So, if you are not expert about it at least try to gain knowledge or ask for help who have known these things well.
  • Spare Parts & Support- Spare parts like a belt, wheels etc., which need to change after a time. Find out all the detail about it. Easy available and interchangeable parts will be beneficiary for a user. If you chose any model that hardly sell genuine spare parts than you will suffer when some of the parts are broken. However, be assured your chosen model comes with warranty service too. If it has the guaranty or easy refund option that will be great more.
  • Different Motor System - If you are skating track is flat surface mostly, you can go for hub motor system. This motors system has low acceleration so they are not good hill claiming and braking power. You will find these option on the pulley or geared system.
  • Thumb & Trigger Remote Control- Remote controls are a great addition of ebords. You will find two type of remote controls- thumb and trigger. But trigger controls are easier most.
  • Price - Skate boards come with various price range but electric salt boards are a bit higher prices. Basically their motor, controlling features etc. increase their value before the materials. Professional branded fastest electric skateboards and best electric skateboard kits are costly and good in quality rather than non-brand skateboards. Battery those are high in capacity offers the best performance in the race of quality service and longevity. So, in best electric skateboard you get what you pay for. So, it’s best to compare and research more about a particular product and brand with your demands, know about the performance from users and that determine what you want to do.

Safety tips

In skateboarding or any type of sports, there is a risk of accident always. On skateboarding, not only other skaters or passenger of roads moving vehicles are also countable. So, you have a huge chance to interact on of them anytime. When you are on a skateboard, full on speed, feeling like there is nothing in this world alive but you. This attitude or some cases lack of safety knowledge make you unaware of accidents and lead to injuries. So, as a skateboarder, you need to learn about some safety techniques and implement them while riding. Here are some safety tips to follow every skateboarder to avoid injuries.

Aware of Your Surroundings

It's most important to be clearly conscious of your surroundings and your performing tracks. If you are riding on local roads always pay attention cars and motorcycle or bicycles. Also obey traffic rules sincerely. It will not only help you also help other people from being hurt by you. If you are using your electric skateboard anywhere like sidewalk, park or anywhere in the large crowd always care about people around you. Also watch out the dustbin, pile of debris etc.

Know How to Use the Remote

Most of the electric skateboard comes with battery operated remote. They control the speed, break, and on/off mode. Remote makes all these things easier but be aware of go with the flow. It’s important to learn about these settings and how your remote and skateboard actually perform on this command. If you are new on this try testing in low speed and gradually speed up. Never start with high speed or reach maximum speed on a fast day. Many skateboards have alert or indicator when you're crossing your safe speed limit. Don’t challenge the limit just for having fun.

Most of the time people hurt their head knee and elbow during an accident, especially on skateboard accidents. To avoid bad or minor injuries always wear helmet, knee and elbow pads during skating.

Many countries require safety guards that are certified by Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC. Products passed from CPSC are 100% safe and effective to avoid such these injuries.

Wear Reflective Clothing at Night

in dark drivers, runner or cyclists can’t see on the sidewalks or cross even they have the head lights on. So, for assuring the safety use anything that's reflected in dark and show your presence to other. You can use a reflective helmet, hoody or t-shirt with reflective color ink.

Fall the Right Way

There is some clever way that will help you to avoid breaking your bones. If you can follow them, you will be prepared in future how to react on your falling if you are not that much unlucky.

Ø When you feeling you are about to fall try to get down lower as much as possible. Falling from higher will hurt you more.

Ø During your fall bend your hands and pull legs into your body and so your shoulder takes the brunt of the force. Try to roll with force rather than go against it. Rolling with the fall is one of the safe ways to get a few scrapes instead of a new set of scratches.

Ø If you’re falling backward bent your chin to avoid a blow to the head.

Ø If you are not wearing any knee or arm pads avoid falling in these areas. It’s better to land on your bums or any places with a little more support/cushioning.

Ø Try to relax your muscles and mind as much as possible.

Final Verdict

Eboards are the super practical vehicle that gives you fun and exciting moments when you ride. For some rider, road surfing is an unbeatable feeling. Some people take it extreme level and we would like to encourage them to ride safely. That’s why we tried to put together all the good quality but safe eboards that good for all type of riders, especially for beginners. They are very rigid offer great function and performance and can be used a simple longboard. However, electric skateboards are one of the easiest vehicles to get the half of or even communicate. Therefore, you don’t need to kick in orders to, they turn by your remote. Also, they offer many other features compare than usual skateboards. So, it’s time to get the best electric skateboard and glare the road.

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