ACTON BLINK Lite, BLINK S Electric Skateboard Review

If you are confused what to get for your middle or high school child as a graduation, birthday or special reason gift, the Action BLINK S Electric Skateboard is a perfect choice. In the modern age, everyone demand for the electric and has to be the smart one. In addition, the Action BLINK keep that in mind brings this world’s lightest skateboard with a hub motor in their lineup. Despite the lightweight, it has all the qualities that you might expect from an electric board. So, go through the review to find out if this is a mere hype.


What is the ACTON BLINK Lite, BLINK S Electric Skateboard?

Holiday morning want for a smart riding solution, the latest and world’s lightest ACTON BLINK Lite seeks to fulfill your demand. The BLINK S electric skateboard has inherent with convenient lightweight features. Minimize the tension of wheels it comes with extremely incredible, streamlined and truly powerful hub motor. Just simply push the remote control to ride through with a series of a brake, forward, reverse, and accelerate for fun riding.

It has incorporated by smart distant track feature, equipped LED light in it, Bluetooth in remote control, and portable charger. Unlike the other skateboard, they provide the best lithium-ion batteries on the market. Over and above, you just enjoy the ride except for the tension of charging.

What can ACTON BLINK Lite, BLINK S Electric Skateboard Make?

First, let me clear your idea about this board so you do not expect more from it. This skateboard primarily designs for both kids and teenagers. In short, this board is perfect for beginners and intermediate level even school and work going also.

A sturdy, compact, and strongly built skateboard’s primary focus is safety and reliability of the users. The well-equipped LED lights protect you by showing obstacle and traffic on the way.

With this lightweight board, it makes the ride for kids and teens into a fun one. They simply take pleasure in rides with this for several hours. However, it is so lightweight as well as highly portable. You can easily carry it with your arms or strap it to your backpack.

Not, only that, the board is more versatile and high technologically builds. Through the app, you can set a great variety of modes, track your board and connect with other users.

This BLINK S Electric Skateboard is very stylish one. This cans a perfect gift for your kids or teens. Even if you want to cherish your childhood memories and touch your own “inner little kid” again–this is the solution.

However, there are lots of in the market but Action BLINK was the first one who survived and expanding.

ACTON BLINK Lite, BLINK S Electric Skateboard– Design and Specification

In the modern world, a high-tech electric skateboard becomes the latest choice of the users. Everyone tries to get the best one in that, BLINK S electric skateboard becomes the popular choice. Because of it, super lightweight, cool features and versatile quality able to acquire the fame of “best and lightest” skateboard. Now, look at what it actually stacks up for the users.

Features of BLINK S Electric Skateboard

This good build skateboard is more versatile than I thought of it. First, look at its features that make it a cool one.

  • Super lightweight only at 7.7 pounds
  • New powerful Hub motor
  • Portable battery charger
  • Cool Action app track your board and other users
  • Built in LED lights
  • Wireless remote control with Bluetooth device
  • Top speed up to 10 mph
  • Lithium-ion batteries can ride just a single charge up to 5 miles

Technical Details

In the table, BLINK S Electric Skateboard’s technical information summarized below,

Specification of BLINK S
Weight 7.7 pounds
Max Speed 10 mph
Charging Time 2 hours
Wheels 70 mm
Weight Capacity 180 lbs.
App iOS / Android
Regenerative Braking Yes

Salient Features Make BLINK S Electric Skateboard Unique

A fantastic and simple old school of 80s design makes it become an attractive riding piece in today’s time. There are some cool features include into it which makes it a unique one. Let’s have a look on them,

  • Super Portability

At just 7.7 lbs., this skateboard is truly so lightweight among the lightest board on the market. No other electric board delivers this kind of lightness. This board makes you easily carry around. Either, you can carry it under an arm or strapped to your backpack with ease. Therefore, the rider needs not to worry about having so much heavy lug around. Moreover, in some case for a heavy piece of they need to jump on the board.

  • Smooth Acceleration

The BLINK S Lite use new powerful hub motor rather a gear device. As it has low resistance, reliable, and offers long cruises for smooth acceleration. The power of the motor is 1:1 which is effective for power consumption. This way it allows a board to get a longer lifespan over the same belt is a driven motor. While motor is hub so it is very easy to maintain the product. Over and above, you become tension free about the wheels because the Action brand provides all qualities in it as a longboard.

  • Maintain Battery with the Brakes

After so many testing and research, the Action offers regenerative braking as a safer feature of the board. It is useful for converting battery power. While you brake, it allows battery and wheel to produce energy. Despite minimize power use and increase range it delivers safety to the users through brakes technology.

  • Quick Charge Time

The Action BLINK uses powerful lithium-ion batteries that not run out with just a few minutes. This skateboard ensures you the miles of run forget the battery tension. With the maximum speed, you can enjoy 10 miles per hour. Moreover, in the time battery run out it allows the rider to push. On top of that, the battery can charge fully within 2 hours- very quick. That means no long time wait for charge the board.

  • Smart App

Another plus feature of this skateboard is the Action App. This app has available for iOS and Android users. This allows users to track their boards, riders and build a community with Action riders. Biggest interesting one is you can change the riding mode through it.

Pros and Cons of BLINK S Electric Skateboard

What We Like

  • Nice design and lightweight
  • LED lights make riding more fun
  • Fantastic softy features
  • Good display with array info
  • Easy to setup

What We Dislike

  • Lights no longer turn on
  • Somewhat get stiff and rigid board ride

In Closing

The Action BLINK S Electric Skateboard is the lightest board in the market to make your ride a fun one. It is so light that children can easily carry it whenever they go. It incorporates with some incredible features like Action App that allows rider connects with other as well as monitors their journey. Not just that it takes only 2hours to charge the battery so the rider needs not to wait for a long time. Over and above, the important safety features make this board fascinating to the parents. The LED lights and regenerative braking build this board much safer for children uses and gives parents relief.

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